Nick Hardwick

Nick Hardwick

Episode #75 of the Dub Jellison Podcast with 11 year NFL veteran, Pro Bowler & Purdue Alum, Nick Hardwick! Follow Nick on social media! Instagram: @nickhardwick Twitter: @NickHardwick Nick's podcast "The Hardwick Life": Buy Nick's "Lose Like A Lineman" Program: Follow the podcast and Dub on Instagram! @dubjellisonpodcast @dubjellison Link to streaming version of the podcast, social media and more via the DJP Linktree page! Like, subscribe and share with your friends! During Ep. #75, Dub and Nick discussed: - How he has been able to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. - His podcast "The Hardwick Life". - How the "Lose Like A Lineman" came to be and grown over the past year. - His massive weight loss after retiring from the NFL. - Going from not playing football in high school to playing in the NFL for over a decade. - Trying out for the Purdue football team as a sophomore. - Getting released for the Navy in order to play football at Purdue. - Taking advantage of every opportunity he earned. - Being inspired by Drew Brees to then becoming his center for the Chargers. - What the transition from Drew Brees to Philip Rivers was like. - His relationship with Philip Rivers over the last 17 years. - Playing alongside Brees, Tomlinson, Antonio Gates and Rivers in San Diego. - What he thought of Rivers going to the Colts.




Feb 26, 2021

May 18, 2021