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Dr. Craig Perlman

Dr. Craig Perlman

Episode #60 of the Dub Jellison Podcast with Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Specialist, Dr. Craig Perlman! During Ep. #60, Dub and Dr. Perlman discussed: - Living life with Type 1 Diabetes. - The science behind both Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes. - Mutual friend Jordan Williams and how Dr. Perlman gifted him free insulin after his DWCS win. - Why he chose to reach out and help Jordan. - The state of health care in the United States - Why are insulin prices so high? - AND MUCH MORE! DJP is presented by: Indy Lumberjack! You can check them out by going to IndyLumberjack.com or email IndyLumberjack@gmail.com ! Follow Craig on social media! Instagram: @craigperlman Twitter: @Cperl01 Follow the podcast and Dub on Instagram! @dubjellisonpodcast @dubjellison Link to streaming version of the podcast, social media and more via the DJP Linktree page! https://linktr.ee/dubjellisonpodcast Like, subscribe and share with your friends!

November 13, 2020



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