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Sasha Stefanovic

Episode #74 of the Dub Jellison Podcast with Purdue Guard, Sasha Stefanovic! During Ep. #74, Sasha and Dub discussed: - How he is feeling after testing positive for COVID-19 - Why he believes he got it somewhere on the road and how nobody else in Purdue's program tested positive. - The precautions the Purdue program has put into place and has had success for much of the year amidst COVID-19. - What is has been like to watch the games and not be able to play. - Giving advice to his teammates about what he sees watching the games. - Purdue's big win over #21 Minnesota after losing by double-digits to Michigan. - Brandon Newman and Jaden Ivey having huge performances recently. - How this team has evolved over the course of the season. - What the differences have been between the start of the season to the last 5-6 game stretch. - The freshmen gaining confidence as the season has progressed and they have been able to make more of an impact. - The benefit of Matt Painter taking advantage of the redshirt at Purdue. - How good this Purdue team can be both down the stretch this season and in future years. - His recruiting experience and holding out until a scholarship became available at Purdue. - Dunking on the Purdue legend, Evan Boundreaux and when he will put someone on a poster in a game. - Looking back on experiences going to the Elite 8 and the Taiwan games his freshman year. - AND MORE! Follow Sasha on social media! Instagram: @stefanovicsasha Twitter: @Sash_Stefanovic Follow the podcast and Dub on Instagram! @dubjellisonpodcast @dubjellison Link to streaming version of the podcast, social media and more via the DJP Linktree page! Like, subscribe and share with your friends!

February 1, 2021



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